Tableau Software just launched Tableau Prep (previously known as Project Maestro), a brand new product designed to help you quickly combine, shape and clean data for analysts.
You will now have a direct visual experience and gain a deeper understanding of their data. Tableau claims that the new Tableau Prep makes data prep easier and more accessible. Not to mention it’s integrated with the Tableau analytical workflow, meaning that Tableau users can complete a full end to end analytical flow, from connecting the data to building a dashboard without ever leaving the dashboard”.
Tableau Prep is out today after 9 months of iterations, as the 3 Tableau prep developers explained in their Facebook live announcement:
“We have been iterating a lot over the last 9 months, with monthly releases. (…) We had lots of great custom feedback. We had over 4000 people actively engaged in the beta and filled out 800 surveys and 1000 suggestions, many of those are actually implemented in the product or there are plans to be implemented’
Among the three most appreciated features of Tableau Prep are:

  • The dashboard starters feature – gives you a starting place for marketo, salesforce, eloqua connections
  • The web authoring capabilities
  • It’s free for most Tableau customers.


Tableau Software Repackages Their Subscription Offerings

Alongside the new tool, Tableau also launched three new subscription offerings: Creator, Explorer, and Viewer, and a new version of Tableau Desktop: Tableau 2018.1, which includes new capabilities for data people, including the ability to connect to data from the browser.
According to a Tableau Release, the new Tableau Prep will be included for free alongside Tableau Desktop in the new Tableau Creator offering. If you are already a Tableau Desktop customer with maintenance, you will get Tableau Prep as part of the maintenance benefits.
“We’ve heard you loud and clear: data preparation is one of your biggest challenges. Tableau Prep will do for data preparation what Tableau did for analytics.
It takes an otherwise painstaking and difficult task and makes it easy, visual, and direct. Tableau Prep empowers more people to get to insights faster and help them quickly and confidently combine, shape, and clean their data for analysis”, said Elissa Fink, Tableau CMO.
The new package will be available for 70 dollars per user per month, billed annually. Check Tableau’s new subscription offerings below.

Tableau Pricing

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Tableau: See the impact of every change to your data

“In my conversations with customers over the years, I’ve seen the pain that comes from preparing data for analysis. A recent Harvard Business Review article reports that people spend 80% of their time prepping data and only 20% of their time analyzing it.
We know that preparing data for analysis can be a repetitive, manual, and time-consuming process. We’ve designed Tableau Prep to reduce the struggle of common yet complex tasks—such as joins, unions, pivots, and aggregations—with a drag-and-drop visual experience. No scripting required”, said Shailesh Kumar, Director of Product Development at Tableau
The new tool from Tableau has three coordinated views – a data grid for row-level data, a profile page and a flow pane, for a deeper understanding of the whole data preparation process. Users are given the opportunity to choose the view they want to interact with according to their needs.
“Since these views are coordinated, when you make a change in the profile page, you instantly see the result in the flow pane and data grid. This direct and visual experience makes it easy to see the impact of your changes, giving you greater confidence in your final data set.”
With the latest Tableau Prep, the company solved one of the biggest problems for vizzers: fuzzy clustering. The developers designed an algorithm that can reduce the pain of preparing data with multiple instances of the same data point.

Tableau Pricing

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As we previously mentioned, Tableau Prep is integrated into the Tableau analytical workflow. Tableau Prep uses the Tableau data connectors, calculation language, permissions, and data source certifications, so you will be able to quickly adapt to using the new tool.
Tableau Prep is compatible with older versions of Tableau products, including Tableau 10.0.

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