I hate flying, but here I am, descending through some very turbulent air into Las Vegas. But I’m not feeling anxious at all. It’s not Xanax or alcohol. It’s the excitement I feel when I think of spending the week at this year’s Adobe Analytics Summit. Whoohoo!
I’ve been working with Adobe Analytics since they were on version 6, more than a decade ago. I feel a great sense of gratefulness, because I was able to build a career and a company primarily based on using this software to enable businesses to make better decisions.
I’ve had my bone-headed moments, as well as moments of brilliance, just like many in our industry.
Nevertheless, this industry is growing so much, with tens of hundreds of practitioners, yet it still feels like a fish bowl. I know so many people and I’m excited to see them all here.
I’m also excited about all the new product feature launches that both make our lives easier and give us super powers.
And lastly, we’re launching our own Adobe Analytics connector for Tableau, and, based on interest so far, I think it’s going to be a hit. I can’t wait to see Jennifer Kunz demo it at the UnSummit.
It’s also nice to get away from the office with my esteemed colleagues. Yes, we’re analysts and engineers, but we’ve got our quirky funny leanings too.
We’ll post bunch of stuff we learn at the Summit here, on this blog. Follow us along this week to hear all the cool solutions and products they’re launching.

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Catalin Iuga

Cat is a digital analytics expert with years of experience leading the analytics practice for some of the top companies in the world. Cat’s capabilities extend wide across the entire digital analytics landscape and his innovative insights consistently provide informed decisions that have affected millions of dollars in marketing spend.

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