Unlocking the Real Data Needs of Data Processes

The Challenge

A fast food restaurant chain needed help with their data collection and reporting. They collected mountains of data, but did not have a well-defined plan for the data processes required to extract actionable insights in the most effective, data-savvy way. Our team was engaged to design a measurement plan to bring structure to and standardize their data practice.

The Solution

Only after fully understanding their business and conducting a thorough audit of their data could we then focus on the measurement plant itself.

  • Our team focused on learning the ins and outs of the business to better understand what drives its success.
  • A technical audit of the client’s data revealed that there was no structure put in place and the data they were collecting was incomplete and full of errors, which watered down the data’s accuracy and usability.
  • By using carefully curated questions, we interviewed various stakeholders within the client’s organization to help them define their overall measurement and analytics goals for the business.

With all the insights gathered by our team, we built a comprehensive document stating their goals and business requirements, as well as KPIs, metrics, and dimensions, to properly measure all of their business requirements.

Unlocking Data Needs of Data Processes

The Results

The measurement plan we developed was the foundation for all the data collection processes that were implemented.



A global insights-driven platform was built to act on insights, giving executives the power to leverage their data on a global scale.




Alignment was made on goals, KPIs, tracking, and business decisions, which ultimately drove an estimated $30 million in incremental revenue for the year.



Silos between teams broke down, which significantly increased productivity and collaboration between departments.