Re-Architecting Data Collection to Improve Business Decisions

The Challenge

Our client lacked the ability to extract actionable insights out of their data stories and were reluctant to make data-driven decisions. This indicated that the client’s data was not reliable and any insights extracted were going to lack consistency and weight.

The Solution

We approached the client knowing they had three main challenges ahead:


  • Re-architect the client’s analytics implementation.
  • Create a trustworthy data environment for the client to gain trust in the reporting team.
  • Generate real insights from accurate data so the client could immediately see the benefits of the solution we brought them.


After a thorough data audit, we discovered that the root cause of this unreliable data was from their data layer implementation. It wasn’t set up or maintained correctly. The audit revealed that the client’s site had missing tracking calls for important steps within their ordering funnel.


Moreover, there was no way to determine if some of those essential ordering actions were done by guests or registered users.


In our reimplementation, we ensured that tracking for every step of the ordering funnel was properly added. We addressed multiple issues, such as missing product information, user count, and tracking on the confirmation page.

The Results



The re-architecting of their implementation fixed key data points like bounce rate and user count.



Regained control of the data.



Increased accuracy of financial reporting.



Increased insights that led to an improved user experience and reduced bounce rate.

It all culminated with the declaration of the chief e-commerce officer: We’re thankful we can now do reporting the way we always wanted to, with a lot more data points. – Chief Ecommerce Officer