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We sky-rocket our clients' careers.
Our team, insights, and products fundamentally transform digital analytics operations of Fortune 1000 companies.

Daniel Herdean

CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel brings leading expertise in the digital analytics sphere to Fortune 1000 companies, providing both strategic and tactical support on digital operations across highly cross-functional situations. He has a passion for solving the most difficult analytics challenges and accelerating businesses forward.

Cat Iuga

President & Co-Founder

Cat is a digital analytics expert with years of experience leading the analytics practice for some of the top companies in the world. Cat’s capabilities extend wide across the entire digital analytics landscape, and his innovative insights consistently provide informed decisions that have affected millions of dollars in marketing spend.

Matt Alexander

CTO & Co-Founder

As Chief Technology Officer, Matt heads the implementation and analysis projects for large corporations. He is an analytics implementation specialist with a unique background in web architecture, designing custom data structures, and building analytical measurement solutions for various Fortune 1000 companies.

Radu Lucaciu

Chief Software Architect

As Chief Software Architect, Radu oversees our software architecture design and the programming and development side of Cognetik. He holds a rare sense of algorithmic and analytical thinking, having the ability to masterfully handle communication with the business side in addition to managing technical specifications.


We Care About

Our engineers, analysts, and data scientists bring peace of mind to those who define the future of digital inside Fortune 1000 marketing & analytics departments.


Our suite of data products advance digital transformation across all industries, from aerospace to nonprofits.


We don’t wait for the future of digital. We create it.

Our award-winning work disrupts the world of data as you know it.


We chart a clear, confident, and data-driven path and deliver transformational business insights that drive millions in incremental revenue and skyrocket our clients’ careers and skill sets.

We’re on a mission to invest in our communities, through our professional and personal lives.


  • We love what we do, and we have lots of fun while we do it. It’s truly a great place to work.
  • We actively invest in the local talent of our cities by finding people with great potential and training them in the analytics industry.
  • We evangelize our industry in schools and universities across different continents.
  • We play an active part in social issues related to our local communities.

Family comes first within Cognetik. Children and partners are not a rare sight at our offices or company outings.


This is why, even though we have multiple offices around the world, all of our employees are encouraged to design their own schedule to fit their family responsibilities and needs.


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Working with the right team and technologies can solve seemingly impossible problems.