We’ve just added an external data source to our list of destination connectors: File Transfer Protocol (FTP).


Avoid the complexity of extracting and transferring data to an FTP server by using our new connector with Cognetik Data Streams. The powerful scheduling features of Data Streams allow you to easily set up recurring streams that include your FTP server as a destination.


The Cognetik Data Streams FTP connector also allows you to:


  • Seamlessly migrate data in .json or .csv formats to your FTP server.
  • Copy data to FTP from multiple destination sources, including BigQuery, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and many other clickstream, marketing, or data warehouse sources.
  • Use FTP, FTPS, and SFTP connection types to access your folders on the FTP server.
  • Easily set up recurring streams that migrate data to your FTP server at pre-scheduled dates.
  • Transfer your data into separate files or add all data to one single file based on your needs. E.g., When granularity is set to monthly and the date preset is set for the last year, the data will be split into 12 files if the collate box is unchecked; this applies similarly to all granularities. When the collate to single file box is checked, then all data will be added to one single file.


The Cognetik Data Streams FTP connector requires:


  • An accessible internet connection for the FTP within your network.
  • An FTP user with sufficient read and write access to the required remote directories.
  • A Data Streams account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up instantly for our free individual plan, or check our business and enterprise plans for extended or custom solution setups.

Data Streams is not just limited to FTP as a data source. It has the ability to connect with multiple data sources, which can be found here.


Get started in 2 easy steps:


  1. Sign up or sign in at https://profile.cognetik.com/.

Log In Window


  1. Select your data source and configure your data destination.

New Window Data Source


New Window Data Destination


Screenshot of how to link FTP connector


Check here regularly for an updated list of available connectors:


Connectors & Data Warehouses


Our FTP connector allows you to select the directory in which you want the files to be saved. When no directory is selected, then everything will be automatically saved to the root (or the remote server’s default one).




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