Adobe Summit 2018 will bring more than 530 speakers on the stage, who will take part in over 320 sessions across the 5-days event. Safe to say that the event will be massive, right?
Besides Adobe, this year’s event will boast speakers from Facebook, Coca-Cola, Twitter, LinkedIn, NFL as well as people from other companies doing an amazing job using the Adobe product suite.
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Since it’s the Adobe Summit, it’s only fair to start with Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO of Adobe since 2007, who is going to present the very first Keynote event and “baptize” the whole summit.
Originally from Hyderabad, India, Shantanu has an undergraduate degree in electronics engineering, a master’s degree in computer science, and an MBA from UC Berkeley. He is a board member of Pfizer, and Vice Chairman of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, and was named one of the world’s best CEOs by Barron’s magazine in 2016 and 2017.
Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin and one of the most pristine entrepreneurs is also expected to join. He grew his businesses by tackling complex and diverse sectors such as mobile telephony, travel and transportation, financial services, leisure and entertainment and health and wellness.  He has a net worth of 5 billion dollars, making him a member of the select club of our world’s billionaires.
Even if the next star-speaker doesn’t seem to fit the digital analyst profile at a first glance, JJ Watt, Defensive End for Houston Texans, NFL, is one of the Summit speakers I am excited to hear from. His insights should cover motivation, training, success, a healthy mindset and the path to staying focused throughout one’s career.
Also, he is bound to make a lot of data-driven decisions within his foundation – the Justin J. Watt Foundation, which provides after school opportunities for children in various communities encouraging them to get involved in athletics in a safe environment. In the aftermath of 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, Watt organized a crowdfunding campaign to help Houston recover. His campaign raised more than $37 million through over 209,000 donations, nearly doubling his initial $20 million goal.
Another speaker you need to follow is Jensen Huang, the founder of NVIDIA. He has served as president and CEO ever since the company’s inception in 1993.
During his career he received a number of important awards for his exceptional contributions to driving the development, innovation, growth and long-term opportunities for various industries. In 2017, he was named Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year and Harvard Business Review ranked him No. 3 on its list of the world’s 100 best-performing CEOs over the lifetime of their tenure.
Are you following Twitter’s evolution? If so, you’re going to like the next speaker: Kay Madati is Vice President and Global Head of Content Partnerships at Twitter, overseeing the company’s worldwide efforts to engage with media and content publishers across the categories of TV, film, music, sports, news, lifestyle, influencers, and creators. He is responsible for leading the teams that develop the executional strategies for how partners can extend, scale, market, and monetize their content and programming initiatives across Twitter.
One of the hottest social networks out there is not falling behind: Melissa Selcher, VP Brand Marketing and Corporate Communications at LinkedIn, will also be present at the Adobe Summit and be part of one of the Keynotes. At Linkedin, she is responsible for the social network’s global brand and reputation, advertising and creative, events and customer engagement, communications and consumer marketing, and LinkedIn’s social impact work around the world.
Since the last part of our blogpost seems dedicated to social networks, it is only fair to go on with Gene Alston, the Vice President of Marketing Partnerships at Facebook, who will also speak at the Adobe Summit 2018.
At Facebook, he leads the global strategy, programs & partnerships across all of our strategic technology partners for Facebook. Gene oversees a team of regional leaders and teams focused on growing marketing and advertising solutions from Facebook’s third-party ecosystems.
With Coca-Cola one of the most powerful brands out there, it feels natural to hear from them also. We’re curious about what David Godsman, Chief Digital Officer at Coca-Cola is preparing. He joined the company in December, 2016. In his role, he is responsible for developing and leading the digital transformation strategy for Coca-Cola to deliver new products, operational efficiency and break through sales and marketing effectiveness.
If you ever find yourself dreaming at that much-longed vacation, rest assured: you’ll hear about how other people enjoy theirs. Kidding! But we’re looking forward to hearing what John O’Sullivan,  Managing Director of Tourism Australia, has to say about their own wild trip in the digital realm. Tourism Australia promotes the country internationally in 15 markets through a broad range of targeted trade and consumer marketing activities – all underpinned by a consistent global campaign message There’s nothing like Australia.
And finally, last but not least, the incredibly talented wild-card of the Summit, the actress, the writer, the comedian Leslie Jones! (three rounds of applause).
In 2014, Leslie was hired by SNL as a writer and quickly gained popularity after a memorable on-air appearance during the show’s “Weekend Update” segment. Jones officially joined the cast during the show’s 40th season. Returning for her second season, The New Yorker profiled Jones and Vulture has cited her as an “‘SNL’ standout due to her brash sensibility, humor, and forceful presence.” Slate praised Jones as “smart, talented, and utterly hilarious” and noted, “Jones is a fiercely independent performer who’s brash and unapologetic riffs can ruffle feathers – a welcome risk.”

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